Wathone Oo joined the Sacramento, CA office of Lao Family in January 2011, as a Workforce Specialist. Her tireless efforts supporting the immigrant and refugee community at large has allowed many to excel and become financially independent. Her exhaustive work aided in the expansion of the Lao Family Employment Services Programs. Currently, Wathone Oo serves as the Program Coordinator for the Refugee Employment Program, wherein newly arrived immigrants are assisted with finding employment. With Oo’s direction, this program continues to meet and exceed program-related goals.

Wathone Oo is also a small business owner, owning and operating a successful sushi business in the Los Rios Community College District (SCC, ARC, CRC and FLC). Her understanding of the challenges small business owners face, in addition to the financial struggles as a result of economic competition, makes her an exceptional Program Coordinator for the Refugee Employment Program. She is able to cultivate relationships with local small business employers as a result of her experiences and through this, she is able to create job opportunities for her customers.

Originally from Burma, Wathone Oo is fluent in Burmese, Karen and English. Her educational endeavors led her to Sacramento, CA as a college student. During her study, she encountered many disadvantaged individuals, many who possessed limited English and limited income. It is through these experiences that she cemented her desire to work with the immigrant and refugee community, beginning with her own. She continues to be an asset to the Burmese community and also for Lao Family.