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Adult Education Dismantled

By Scott J. Morris, East Bay Express

Article about the defunding of Adult Education and its impact on the community. Interviews ESL instructors and employment staff from Lao Family, which has one of the last community-located ESL classes in Oakland, which serves approximately 100 refugees and immigrants daily.

Oakland Career Expo a Glimmer of Hope in a Gloomy Job Market

By Angela Woodall, Oakland Tribune

Article about the Career Expo that Lao Family co-sponsored with OPIC and the EDD. A Lao Family employment counselor was quoted regarding the widespread effect of the economy on the community.

San Pablo Development Lifts Mood Amid Recession

By Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer

Lao Family Executive Director, Kathy Chao Rothberg, talks about the need for local jobs that low-income workers can access by taking public transportation, biking or walking.

B of A Makes Grants to Bay Area Nonprofits

By Mark Calvey, San Francisco Business Times

Bank of America recognizes Lao Family with a 2010 Neighborhood Builders award.

Refugee Center Shifts Focus to Foreclosure Intervention

By Matt O'Brien, Oakland Tribune

The Oakland Tribune features Lao Family’s work on Foreclosure intervention.

Career Expo Will Offer Resources for Laid-Off Oakland Residents

By Nick Sucharski, Oakland Tribune Correspondent, The Oakland Tribune

Our employment director was misquoted in this story. She had said that there are counselors at our office 5 days a week and we have actual employers come on-site to do recruitment events (interview marathons) twice a month.

Lao Family Refugee Organization Celebrates 30th Anniversary

By Matt O'Brien, Oakland Tribune & Contra Costa Times

Center on Homeowners’ Side

By Kathy Coffey, National Catholic Reporter

Featuring the Foreclosure Intervention work done at Lao Family’s Multicultural Homeownership Center

Peace by Piece

By Zoneil Maharaj, WireTap Magazine

Article about Lao Family’s Community Rejuvenation Project which employs at-risk teens to revitalize their neighborhood with colorful murals.

Seminar Focuses on Steering At-Risk Immigrant Kids From Gangs

By Stephen Magagnini, Sacramento Bee

Article about the Sacramento youth conference we hosted in August 2009.

Finding a Way to Homeownership

By Matt O'Brien, Oakland Tribune

A touching profile of one of our client’s “eight-year journey from undocumented immigrant to American homeowner” and how Lao Family helped her take major steps earning her “dream home.”

Lao Family Services Offers Job Training and Education for Young People

By Oakland Post

A profile of our youth employment program.