Shafiullah has been working for Lao Family for several years. As a Program Manager with the R&P Program for three years, serving our newly arrived refugee and special immigrants (SIV holders), and over seven years as an Operational Mentoring Liaison Instructor. This job has given him the experience in responding to settled new arrivals and placing them with available jobs through Lao Family ESE and RSS employment services. He is dedicated to helping clients achieve long-term social and economic self-sufficiency. He aims to inspire individuals to set goals, utilize their imagination, and believe in themselves.

Shafiullah is an Immigrant from Afghanistan and fluent in three different languages—English, Farsi/Dari, Pashto, and understands Urdu. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Politics Law from Tabish University Kabul, Afghanistan. Currently, he is a student at the American River College with a focus in Administration of Justice. He is transferring to California State University, Sacramento to pursue his higher education in Criminal Justice, Political Science, Gender Inclusivity and Community relations. Shafiullah lives in Sacramento with his family and enjoys going out to community gatherings, play volleyball, soccer, and hiking in the South/East Lake Tahoe areas.