Kathy Chao Rothberg is the current Chief Executive Officer of Lao Family Community Development. Previously, Kathy served as Executive Director of Lao Family from 2006 to 2018.

Prior to joining the agency, Kathy had over 10 years experience as a real estate developer in affordable housing at the East Bay Asian Local Development (EBALDC) and the First Community Housing Corporation (FCH). The projects she managed all received national awards for high quality design, environmental sustainability, historical preservation, and below market housing for diverse communities.

Kathy was elected to the City Council of San Pablo, California, and previously served as the Mayor and Vice-Mayor. She is a Bay Area native and is proficient in Mien and French.

Kathy received her bachelor’s degree in Inter-disciplinary Fields Study with a concentration in Urban Planning and Economic Development at the University of California, Berkeley. She holds a Masters Degree in Executive Business Administration from Golden Gate University, as well as a Graduate Degree from Sierra Health Foundation—University of Southern California Health Leadership Fellowship Program in Sacramento and Boston-based Inner City Capital Connections Program.