Brad brings over 20 years of professional experience in education and community development to Lao Family. Initially trained as an engineer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he worked for the US Army as an Aerospace Engineer and obtained a Masters Degree in Computer Education. After taking six months to hike the Appalachian Trail, Brad worked as a Peace Corps community development volunteer in a rural Panamanian village.  It was there that he learned Spanish and met another volunteer who would become his wife. Brad eventually received his teaching credential to work as a teacher in Sacramento, Stockton and Chiang Mai, Thailand, in elementary schools, junior high schools and community colleges. He received the Teacher of the Year award at a Sacramento elementary school.

Brad also studied in London where he received a Master of Science with Merit from the London School of Economics in Social Policy and Development: NGOs. For his studies, he received the Richard Titmuss Award for outstanding academic performance and dissertation in a social policy field.  More recently, Brad uses his knowledge and experience at Lao Family as a development manager.

He currently lives in the East Bay where he enjoys hiking and the occasional overseas trip with his wife, the Peace Corps volunteer he met years ago.