Adiba Hadi

Adiba is the Site Supervisor for the Health and Well-Being Program. She started working with Lao Family in 2018 as a multilingual Victim Advocate. Adiba was encouraged to assist in other programs such as the R&P program where she helped new refugees settle and get accustomed to the United States. Her dedication and passion to help others were quickly recognized by her peers and supervisors. She enjoys helping families of diverse backgrounds regardless of their country of origin. As the Health and Well-Being Site Supervisor Adiba’s goals are to normalize mental health and eradicate the stigma people have of it. Adiba’s passion for her job stems from her background and experiences growing up here in the United States as an immigrant family.

Adiba, along with her brothers was raised by their father as a single parent family, when they arrived in the states in 1996 from Afghanistan. When her family first arrived, there was no service or organization to help their family integrated into America. As the only daughter of an immigrant family, Adiba still fought hard to establish herself in the family. Adiba’s perseverance led her to California State University Sacramento where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science. Growing up in an eastern culture that did not necessarily believe in the normality of mental health, Adiba wants to increase the awareness and acceptance of mental health. Being a mother of two has motivated Adiba to promote mental health more than ever so that her children may never have to go through the silent illness that she and others have had. Adiba loves working at Lao Family because of the direct services we provide and the difference we can make to individuals and families.