For 41 years, Lao Family has offered an extensive menu of quality specialized jobs, career and employment programs.

We work with individuals experiencing various life, work, and financial situations. We offer service in 35+ languages, including after regular work hours and through mobile units. Our trained staff are culturally informed on best practices and actively engage individuals and families to participate in creating measurable goals and objectives. Our work together leads to economic independence and community connections.


Career and Employment Programs

Career and Employment Programs identify long-term employment and career pathways and address barriers to employment.

Refugee Employment Programs

Refugee Employment Programs focus on refugees and asylees who have been in the US for less than 60 months or 5 years.

Limited English & Native English Language Employment Programs

Limited English and Native English Language Employment Programs assist CalWORKs people with limited English proficiency and job skills as well as native English-speaking participants who are mandated to participate in work to obtain and retain employment on the path to self-sufficiency and earned income.

Specialized and unique aspects of Lao Family's programs and supports include

The Extended Subsidized Employment (ESE) Program

Provides subsidized employment for Sacramento job-ready CalWORKs or refugee participants who are ready to move into a subsidized employment position for up to 180 days and then transition into permanent jobs. Lao Family provides the employer with a wage subsidy for a limited time and amount, per a written agreement.

Lao Family job coaches, career counselors, and job developers provide career planning integrating it with ongoing support and counseling to employees/trainees and support the employers too. We serve as a trusted partner and can be a liaison with the employee and employer. Our job coaches/counselors will continue to meet with the employee/trainee to monitor progress and assist with ongoing needs as they continue their employment at the company. Job coaching, mentoring and work performance assistance will be provided to ensure success. Our agency also provides integrated wrap around and supportive services to the employee/trainee. Work site supervisors and participants will ensure that employability is enhanced and that work site expectations are met. Progress of the employee/trainee will be monitored and challenges mediated to ensure continued retention and success. Lao Family can also assist employers with the development of specific industry training modules through local educational entities and local workforce system partners.

Description of the CalWORKs–Work Experience (WEN), Community Service (CS), Vocational Training (VT) Programs:

The above programs target California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) Welfare-to-Work (WTW) participants through funding support from the Alameda County Social Services Agency. These programs aim to engage participants in a variety of work experience activities with the goal of transitioning them into unsubsidized, permanent, full-time direct employment with career pathways, and good wages with benefits.

The Work Experience (WEN) activities are designed to help CalWORKs Welfare to Work (WTW) participants practice and upgrade their job skills at a temporary job site, which may be paid or unpaid.  Partnerships are made with public or private nonprofit agencies or with for-profit employers.

The Community Service (CS) is an unpaid work-related activity for CalWORKs Welfare to Work (WTW) participants in the public and private nonprofit sector. The CS programs include projects that serve a useful community purpose in such fields as health, social services, environmental protection education, or recreation.

The Vocational Training (VTR) allows the participant to participate in vocational training in the form of online courses offered through ULearn, college education, GED/H.S. diploma classes, and/or (Vocational) English as a Second Language.

Goals of the Programs

The overall goals of the programs are to provide opportunities for Clients (participants) to gain valuable work experience. This is achieved by providing our clients with useful community service, vocational training related to employment goals, and transitioning participants to long-term, sustainable employment.

How We Work

Lao Family meets with individuals/families to identify and plan the most effective service plan to help them attain economic independence and social sufficiency. These may be through employment readiness and job programs, making sure that we offer a comprehensive menu of service to meet the person’s individual needs, preference, strengths and outlines measurable objectives and outcomes.

Services We Offer

In-person one-on-one intake, appraisal, assessment, case management, ongoing review, and evaluation. The employment services offer a wide selection of job readiness, on-the-job, career technical, and educational training. We offer workshops for resumes, interviewing techniques, and workplace safety. We connect and link individuals to programs like Vocational/English as a Second Language (VESL/ESL), CalWORKs (California Work Opportunities and Responsibility for Kids), CalFresh, General Assistance or TCVAP (Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Programs).


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